Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We Found Our Pot of Gold.
By: Erin La Rosa   |   Aug. 18, 10

Up and coming designer Jessica Robinson’s new jewelry line is proof that all that glitters is gold. And that works out well for those looking for a fabulous piece of jewelry to bling up these last few weeks of summer.
Robinson’s pieces feature luminous pyramid studs, diamond embossed lines, and classically elegant stones set in 14k gold. If you’ve watched anyone walk the red carpet recently, chances are they were sporting one of her pieces. Celebrities like Fergie, Dakota Fanning, Taylor Swift, and Anne Hathaway have all been spotted with accents of Robinson.
Sienna Miller was photographed donning Robinson’s Palm Feather Earrings, set in 14k yellow gold and embellished with glittering diamonds. While Kristen Stewart sported the Double Infinity Ring in champagne to this year’s MTV Movie Awards. The ring is worn on all four fingers and is encrusted in diamonds; think of it as a sort of chic version of brass knuckles.
Our personal favorites extend to the brass and yellow gold Angel Wing Choker, which is ideal for a night out. And the Scarab Ring, which has a glimmering finish we can already imagine looking fantastic while poolside.

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